Javea Property Buyers FAQS

What is an NIE?

An NIE number (número de indentificación de extranjeros) is required to buy property or land in Spain , setup certain utilities, sign of parcels and many everyday tasks. The NIE is the identification number in Spain for everyone who is not a Spanish citizen. Both EU citizens and non-EU citizens get issued a NIE. You will need to have an NIE to purchase property in Javea and Spain.

What do I need for a mortgage?

The documents usually required to obtain a new mortgage for Residents in Spain:
  • NIE & valid passport
  • Proof of wages (usually 6 months)
  • Last 2 years tax declaration
  • Savings account information
  • Proof of other assets 
Those that already have a mortgage:
  • Proof of wages (usually 6 months)
  • Outstanding amount & monthly payments

Non-residents of Spain must provide:

  • The items above in addition to a letter from your bank and if you are self-employed you need proof of income.

Is there stamp duty in Spain?

Yes, stamp duty is charged at 10% of the purchase price or 10% of the rateable value multiplied by 3.7. Whichever is higher is applied to your sale.

How much more are the costs of buying likely to be on top of the purchase price?

Usually, we recommend that all property buyers in Javea add another 11-14% on top of the purchase price to ensure all expenses are budgeted for.

What are your opening times?

We are open Monday to Friday (Saturday on request) 09:30 - 14:00 and 17:00 - 19:00.

What languages do your property agents speak?

We speak multiple languages and are renowned throughout Javea for being able to service clients from all over the world.

Why do we have to pay the deposit?

The deposit system in Spain has advantages for both the seller and the buyer. If at any stage you decide to withdraw from the purchase, you will lose the deposit. If the vendor decides to withdraw from the sale process, then they will be required to compensate you with double the 10% deposit.

Is the term 'bungalow' different in Spain?

Yes, a Spanish ‘bungalow’ usually forms part of a modern terrace (or various terraces) of multiple storey houses which can have their own front and back terraces. These properties usually share communal gardens and swimming pools.

I have been told that I do not need a lawyer but need a Notary.  Is this true?

The Notary is important in Spain.  Their role is to carry out checks at the end of the process and attend to the signature of the title deed and in some cases to register the property.  A Notary would not normally advise on the contract term, deposit, or ownership of the property like your lawyer would.

Can I negotiate on the purchase price and conditions?

When you have found your property in Javea, we negotiate with the vendor on your behalf to agree the purchase price, inclusions and terms and conditions of sale. 
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