Finca Renovation

More and more people are choosing fincas for sale in Javea as a way of earning themselves an income throughFinca renovation in Javea renovation. There are literally hundreds of Spanish houses of varying sizes begging to be given a modern twist, or taken back to their bare-brick roots and sold for a profit, could this be the life for you?


Finca renovation is extremely popular as you get to enjoy the idyllic Spanish lifestyle whilst improving your own home and then selling it for a profit following completion. Choosing fincas for sale in Javea is the hardest part though, as there are just so many!


Whether you’re looking for the barebones of a property and plan to build up or you want to improve what’s already there, finca renovation is the way to go. Sourcing builders and handymen in the area is easy, but it’s even easier if you’re handy with a hammer yourself.


Exclusive Fincas for sale in JaveaAdding bedrooms, changing pools, painting and decorating could be your idea of a dream holiday home, so choose the finca for sale in Javea today. Have a look at one of recent blogs about a finca renovation project in Javea.


Bemax Javea has a full range of properties in all different conditions, just let us know what you want and we can source the perfect fincas for sale in Javea and further afield. Take a look at fincas for sale in Javea today and book your viewing.

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