Properties for sale in Javea

Properties for sale in Javea

In Javea we are blessed with a variety of property types, making the area a perfect destination for all types of resident and budget. Many property buyers start their search for a property in Javea with a specific type of property in mind, but often finally purchasing a property that is different.

If you’re looking for properties for sale in Javea, look no further. Bemax has a most concise Javea property database and extensive collaboration agreements  meaning we can help you find your perfect home.

Whether you want a villa, an apartment, a townhouse or a finca in Javea, we can help you get there faster. Simply let us know your budget and what you want our of your new Javea based property and with our years of expertise, you could soon be moving into your dream Javea home!

If you’re looking for the ultimate Spanish dream, then look no further than a villa for sale in Javea, with their private pools, spacious gardens and idealistic views, it’s easy to see why these are the most popular style of home in Javea.

Looking for something a little smaller to fit your budget and you want to be at the heart of all the action? Then a apartments for sale in Javea could be just what you need, perfect for families and first time buyers and those who want to join in with the many Javea fiestas.

Townhouses for sale in Javea and the area are widely sought after too, offering you a large space with a small amount of upkeep. If you’re a fan of DIY and you enjoy turning properties around, than a Javea Townhouse will soon have a smile on your face.

Finally, why not check out our extensive range of Fincas for sale in Javea and country houses? They bring your Spanish property dream to life, with ample space, a rustic charm and ultimate peace and quiet. Fincas in Javea for renovation are often a good choice for property buyers looking for property renovation.

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