Schools In Javea

Schools In Javea

If you are a property buyer in Javea or are looking to relocate to the town with family you may wish to enroll your child into a local or international school you will have ample f schools in Javea to choose from. 
For many finding the properties for sale in Javea on it's own can be a complex matter, however, below we have listed the local Javea schools and an outline of the process involved for anyone looking to move to Javea.
In order to enroll your child in the Spanish school you will need to go to the local Education Office at the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) with the following documentation:
Certificado de Empadronamiento. This is an official document which proves your address locally. You will need to go to the Ayuntamiento with your passports and title deeds to your property or a rental contract), and copy of your childs' passport.
A copy of your child´s passport.
Your child´s N.I.E. You must apply for this at your nearest Oficina de Extrangeria.
A medical certificate for your child showing their vaccinations are up to date, and that their eye sight and hearing has been checked.
Enrolment usually starts in April. Your child will be allocated a school depending on your proximity to the school, number of children you´re enrolling and your choice of first language (Valenciano or Castellano) Spaces in the Castellano line are limited and not available in all schools, so it´s a good idea to get your child enrolled as soon as possible. It´s possible to enroll your child late, but if you are planning to do so over the summer, it´s advisable to call first as many offices close over the month of August.
The school hours for Infantil and primary are between 9 and 4.30. Lunch is between 12.30 and 3.00. You can opt for your children to stay over the lunch period or you can pick them up. If you would like them to stay for lunch the fees are around 85€ a month. You can apply for a discount depending on your economic situation and the school will be able to inform you on the documentation you will need to present, deadlines, etc.


Children start school in Spain as early as 2 and a half (they can start the year they are due to turn 3) This may seem a little early and it is not obligatory until they turn 6 and start primary (some parents of children who are born later in the year opt to start their schooling in the second year of infantil). It is advisable, however, as it´s aimed at developing their social and language skills, as well as basic reading, writing, drawing, personal hygiene etc. Foreign children who attend infantile will achieve a very good level of Castellano and Valenciano in the first few months.

Primary Schools Subjects In Javea:

Primary school is from 6 to 12 years and subjects include:
Ensenyament del Medi (Study of social cultural and environmental matters)
Castellano (gramar and literatura)
Valenciano (gramar and literature)
Foreign language (usually English)
I.T. (information technology)
Catholic Religion. There is an alternative available called Alternativa.
Artistic education.

Secondary School E.S.O. (Enseñanza secundaria obligatoria) Subjects In Javea:

12 to 16 years old - COMPULSARY
8.00 – 14.00 hours.
Subjects Include:
 Valenciano: Language and Literature.
 Castellano: Language and Literature.
 Foreign Language.
 Social Science.
 Physical Education.
 Natural Science.
 Arts and Crafts.
 Technological Education.
 Choice of Second Foreign Language.
 Either modern or classical Religion (optional)


16 - 18 years old - University access. Not compulsory.
8.00 – 2. hours
Subjects are the same as above.
Here are the contact details for the centers in Jávea. To find a school local to you, please go to this link:

Department of Education in Jávea:

Plaça de Baix, 6
Tel. 96 579 43 44
Fax 96 646 06 03


Pd. Frechinal, s/n
Teléfono 96 579 17 03 Fax 96 579 65 41
C/ Bruselas, s/n
Teléfono 96 579 68 14 Fax 96 579 68 30
Port de Xàbia
C/ Joan Fuster, 1
Teléfono 96 579 12 68 Fax 96 579 60 43
Trenc d'Alba
Pd. Roig, 56
Teléfono 96 579 33 43 Fax 96 579 60 89
Vicente Tena
Av. Ramón Llidó, 10
Teléfono 96 579 07 37 Fax 96 579 46 05


María Inmaculada (Infantil, primary and secondary)
C/ Mestre Angel Ribes, 7
Telefono 96 579 11 70 Fax 96 579 42 00
Antoni LLidó
Cami Canons, 22
Telefono 96 579 00 92 Fax 96 579 42 61
Número 1
Av Augusta, 2
Telefono 96 579 27 20 Fax 96 646 10 11
Adult Education, Public
Ramón LLido, s/n
Telefono 96 579 07 25


Conservatorio Profesional de MÚSICA
Plaça Rafael Echagüe, 3
Telefono 96 579 60 36 Fax 96 646 25 49


For information on curriculum and fees you can contact the schools:
Xàbia international college
Cr Cap La Nao, 21
Telefono 96 647 17 85
Firs Independent Primary school
C/ del boix, 1
Telefono 96 579 58 42
Laude The Lady Elizabeth Junior School:
Entrada Norte de La Cumbre del Sol
03726 BENITACHELL (Alicante)
Tel: + 34 671698764 (Administración)
Tel: + 34 671698769 (Admisiones)
Fax: +34 96 061 5134 
Laude The Lady Elizabeth Senior School:
Ctra. Benissa-Jalon s\n
03729 LLIBER (Alicante)
Tel: + 34 965 731 960
Tel: + 34 689 461 104 (Administración)
Tel: + 34 671698769 (Admisiones)
Fax: + 34 96 573 2577
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